Monday, October 10, 2011

Wash. Square/99 Wall Street Gen. Assembly, Oct. 2011

General Assembly, mass passion for a mass movement for change, for equality, for justice.

Liberty Plaza, Oct. 2011

At Liberty Plaza near Wall Street, in solidarity with the 99 Wall Street protest march.

Wash. Square/99 Wall Street Arches & Police

In front of the arches and the line of police in Oct. 2011.

Washington Square, 99 Wall Street Oct. 2011

At the arches with the beautiful people.

99 Wall Street, Oct. 2011

This group is at the forefront of the movement to decrease the disparities between the rich and the poor today.

At Protest Wall Street, Oct. 2011

Incredible General Assembly. I was impressed by the focus, seriousness of people to change the world.